Piazza is an online platform that facilitates interaction among students as an alternative to Blackboard discussion boards. It started as a way to help students who were stuck on homework problems get unstuck with the help of their classmates, TAs, and professors. Piazza is also FERPA-compliant.

Over time, with valuable feedback from thousands of instructors, the product has evolved to become a centralized place for instructors to conduct all class related communication:

  • Answer students’ questions once for all students to see
  • Students engage with classmates in online discussion
  • Post class related announcements
  • Post class files, resources and the class syllabus
  • Conduct polls to get a sense of where students stand
  • Receive/send private messages from/to students on more sensitive subject matters

Piazza also supports LaTeX for equation rendering and has code block styles. There is also a rich text editor that allows for embeding media such as image and videos.

Piazza works seamlessly with Blackboard.  Read this guide to add Piazza to your course site.