Why Clickers?

Image of iClicker currently used at JHU.Image of three old style clickers no longer in use at JHU.Many faculty at Johns Hopkins utilize an in-class voting technology called Clickers to enhance learning. Clickers allow students to participate more actively in class. They can be especially effective in large lecture classes, as other methods for gathering student feedback are inefficient and time-consuming.


Do I need a Clicker?

Your instructor will communicate to you beforehand if a clicker is required for your courses. Historically, the large lecture classes in Physics, Bio, Chem, Chem Lab, Orgo, Orgo Lab, Biochem, and Cell Bio have been the most frequent clicker users. If you are enrolled in multiple classes that use clickers, you only need to purchase one clicker unit. If you have an iClicker2 unit from last year, you don’t need to buy another one - just continue using it. If none of your classes is using clickers, then you don’t need one. 

Which Clicker do we use?

Starting in the Fall of 2012, all Homewood Undergraduates will use the i>clicker2 model. No other clickers will work and they should not be used.

REEF Polling & i>Clicker GO

As of Fall 2015, no instructors are using REEF Polling or i>Clicker GO, i>Clicker’s web and mobile voting platforms. Unless you get an assurance from all your instructors that all your clicker classes are using REEF/GO, you should stick to a physical clicker for now. You may find free Apps, but please do not pay the registration fee unless you’re sure REEF/GO is all you need (very unlikely). For more, see below.

How do I get a i>Clicker2?

You can purchase an i>clicker2 through many different retail channels. Unlike clickers used in the past, however you obtain the i>clicker2 it should work in the JHU environment. On campus, you can purchase an i>clicker2 unit at these locations: Barnes & Noble Johns Hopkins, located at 3330 St. Paul St. (map) Johns Hopkins Technology Store (campus Apple Store), located in the basement of Garland Hall (map). The correct ISBN for the i>clicker2 device is: 1429280476 . Depending on your course, a textbook that comes bundled with a i>clicker2 may be available at Barnes & Noble Johns Hopkins. If you purchase a textbook bundle that contains an i>clicker2, that’s all you need. You can use that i>clicker2 for all your other courses and in years to come. Easy!

I already bought an old style clicker and lifetime registration…

During Fall 2012 and Spring 2013, there was a clicker exchange program for students who had purchased old hardware and previously paid registration fees. Over 1,500 clickers were exchanged. That program has now concluded. Going forward, anyone who needs an i>clicker2 will need to purchase one.

Do I need Batteries?

The i>clicker2 uses 2 AAA batteries. Your clicker will come with batteries to start. If it is new, make sure to remove the small plastic tab near the battery cover to activate the batteries. New batteries should last for about one semester, but that’s not guaranteed. The i>clicker2 has a battery meter on the upper right of the display. Replace both batteries when it gets to one bar.


Most classes will require you to register your clicker so that your votes can be tracked. Many classes assign class participation points to your voting. Your instructor will explain their policy to you. If you are asked to register your i>clicker2, DO NOT REGISTER ON REGISTER using your course’s BLACKBOARD site instead. Login to Blackboard, find your course, then look in the course’s menu for i>clicker registration or something similar. i>clicker registration is very simple and there are no fees invovled. All you need is your i>clicker2’s ID (8-digits, alphanumeric). The ID is printed above the battery case:

Back of clicker showing registration bar code.





It is also visible when you turn on your clicker:

Front of iClicker showing registration code on screen.






Simply enter your ID in the form and you’re done! Even if you are using the clicker in multiple classes, you only need to register once. If you registered last year, and have the same clicker, you’re set. If you replace your i>clicker2 with another one, re-register. If you have any doubts, double check your registration in Blackboard. If you purchased a used clicker and are being prompted to pay a registration fee, that means you’re trying to register on and not via Blackboard. Only register via Blackboard.

How do i use the i>clicker2?

Turn it on and vote! Unlike previous clicker systems, you will not see your votes being recorded on the big screen. But don’t worry - just look at the display on the i>clicker2 unit itself. If you see the after you enter your vote, then all is well. If you see the Ø symbol and “Closed”, that means the vote is over. The Ø symbol and “No Base” means a vote is not active. If you need to enter numbers and letters for a numeric or text vote, the blue “Refresh” button is used to swith entry modes. Make sure to press “Send” after you’re entered your number or text. Instructions are printed on the back of your unit. The printed instructions are valid at JHU except the bit about registering on Only register using Blackboard.

AA and other frequencies

When you turn on the i>clicker2 remote, you will see two large letters on the display. These letters represent the frequency setting. Most of the time, it will be set to AA. If two instructors are using clickers simultaneously in adjacent rooms, you may be required to change your i>clicker2’s frequency. This process is easy and fast:

  • Press and hold the On/Off (power) button on the i>clicker2 remote until the two digit frequency on the LCD begins flashing.
  • Press the two-letter code for the new frequency (usually BB). A checkmark appears on your remote indicating that you have successfully set the new frequency.

You can only change the frequency during an i>Clicker session. The i>clicker2 remote saves the last frequency that you entered. If you only have one clicker class, that should be it. If you have more than one, you may have to change it back to AA. The i>clicker system will alert you when a frequency other than AA is being used in a class. If you have not been told to use an alternate frequency, make sure your i>clicker is set to AA to avoind missing votes.

I can’t make it to class - can I give my clicker to my friend and have them vote for me?

No! Although each faculty member sets their own policies for their class, it is universally agreed that voting for your friends is a violation of the JHU Ethics policy, akin to cheating on a test or having someone else do assignments for you. In the past, students caught using two clickers have been reported to the Ethics Board. Penalties have ranged from a failing grade in the class to suspension, with permanent notations on transcripts. Don’t do it!

Why can’t I just use my iphone?

Clicker systems do exist which utilize smart phones, laptops, and other internet-connected devices. i>clicker has a product that enables web-based voting. However, clickers at JHU are used in classes of up to 400 students. When the number of students is so large, guaranteeing that every student will be able to connect via WiFi, 3G, or 4G is simply not possible. Because clicker participation can count towards your grade, the system needs to be as reliable as possible. Dedicated clicker units offer faster performance and better overall reliability. JHU will continue to test smartphone/internet-based clicker systems and determine if they can work for some classes.

I broke my clicker/I lost my clicker

If your clicker stops working during the warranty period, contact support below. But if you lose it or break it, then you’ll need to buy a new one. Any time you change clickers during a course, you will also need to re-register your clicker on your course’s Blackboard site. After you have registered again, send an email to your instructor letting them know (include the new serial number). Make sure to re-register and notify to get credit for your votes!

i>clicker Technical Support

i>clicker Tech Support can be reached here: or 866-209-5698. If your clicker won’t turn on or doesn’t seem to be working in your classes, try there first. The main i>clicker website also provides some training and general information. DO NOT REGISTER ON REGISTER using your course’s BLACKBOARD site instead. Reprint of the online help from i>Clicker’s Blackboard Registration screens: Where do I find my remote ID? Your i>clicker remote ID is printed on a sticker located on the back of your remote. The ID is the 8-character code below the barcode.

Image showing location of the remote ID sticker on back of remote.

What do I do if I cannot read the ID printed on my remote?
If your remote ID has rubbed off or is illegible, iclicker support has instructions on how to recover your remote ID.

Are there zeros or the letter ‘O’ in my clicker ID?
Your clicker ID may contain the number zero; it will never contain the letter ‘O.’

I’ve already used my i>clicker remote in class before registering it. Will I still get credit for my votes?
Yes, your votes still count. Your in-class votes were recorded by i>clicker and once you register your remote, these votes will be associated with you the next time your instructor syncs theirgradebook or roster.

I’ve lost/broken my remote. Can I register another remote?
Yes, you may register multiple remotes for any reason. Do not delete your old registration. I>clicker will link both remotes to your name so that you receive credit for votes you made with either remote.

I use my i>clicker remote for multiple classes. Do I need to register my remote for each class?
No, you only need to register once. Once you register, your registration information will automatically apply to all of the classes in which you are enrolled and using i>clicker.

What do I do if I accidentally registered the wrong remote ID?
If you register a wrong remote ID, simply remove the incorrect entry and register again with the correct information.