How To Apply


Review the various CTF opportunities and prioritize your choices. You will be required to choose a first choice placement and have the option of ranking additional placements if you are interested in pursuing a placement at more than one college/university.

Failure to adhere to the instructions for completing each section of the application outlined below will result in your application not being considered. Do not exceed the word count.

Completing the Online Application Sections

The list of mentoring or teaching experiences must include dates, location, subject, and hours per week.

The 150-200 word statement of interest must include:
  •   Your career goals following the completion of your education and training, and how you plan to include teaching
  •   Your motivation for participating in this program
  •   Your insight into what you will do to be an effective teacher, based on your experience as a student
  •   If you have had teaching experience, discuss what you have learned about being an effective teacher

Submitted Resumes or CVs must be sent as Adobe PDF or MS Word files.

All required text must be entered within the online application. No supplemental material will be accepted.

Principal Investigator (PI) Discussion and Signed MOA

Before applying, you must discuss the specific opportunities that you are interested in with your PI/Research Advisor. Your Advisor must sign the MOA and indicate the opportunities for which they support your partcipation. If you are a graduate student, your Program Director or Thesis Mentor should also approve of your participation.

Click here to download the required MOA form.


A selection committee will rank the applications based on:
  •   Career goals
  •   Motivation for participating in the program
  •   Insight into effective teaching
  •   Previous teaching trainng and experience

Finalists will be notified by mid-Nov and asked for any necessary verification of employability. Interviews will be arranged to take place at the teaching sites between mid-Nov to early December 2019. Selected Teaching Fellows will be notified as colleges/universities share their decisions (starting mid-December).


Questions? Email Kelly Clark at or Jenn Aumiller at