Ph.D. graduate students and Post-doctoral fellows are eligible to apply to the Johns Hopkins Teaching Academy Certificate program.

To be awarded a certificate, complete the requirements of the three phases (as detailed below) or propose a comparable training activity.  You may complete the Phases in any order, activities completed prior to enrollment may count retroactively and you may participate in the Teaching Academy trainings as long as you remain an affliate of Johns Hopkins University. 

Phase I
Attend a minimum of 6 workshops from any combination of Phase I training workshops.
  • The School of Public Health's TA training course may count as your Phase I activity. 
  • The Expository Writing Program's training and teaching appointment fulfills the entire Certificate of Completion requirements.  

Eyes on Teaching Workshop Series

KSAS Graduate Teaching Seminar


KSAS Graduate Teaching Seminar


Pizza and Pedagogy Workshop Series


CIRTL Workshops

Phase II
Complete one course, attend the 3-Day Teaching Institute or the IEE Summer Camp.

An Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching


Preparation for University Teaching

Course numbers:
AS.360.781 (01)
EN.500.781 (01)

R3: Evidence-Based Teaching

Teaching, Learning and and Leading - in the classroom, the workplace and the community

Teaching Institute

IEE Summer Camp


CIRTL Courses

Phase III 
Complete a minimum of 6 hours teaching as instructor of record.  Please see the "Opportunities" tab for teaching options.  It is recommended that you have a least one classroom observation completed during your teaching assignment. 
Complete a Teaching Practicum that may include:

Teaching a credit or non-credit course during the academic year, intersession or summer terms.

Apprentice with a faculty to teach a portion of their course.

Participate in a Dean's Teaching Fellowship Program, or as a HEART or SOUL instructor.

Participate in a Collaborative Teaching Fellows Appointment

Optional: Teaching-as_Research (CIRTL Practictioner)

Teaching-as-Research Fellowship Program