This section links to guides, policies, and resources for teaching at Johns Hopkins. Some are specific to the Homewood campus, others will be relevant to all instructors.

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Accessibility Guidelines for Course Materials

Guidelines for cultivating expert learners among all students equitably and regardless of limitation

  • Considerations for Common Instructional Media Formats
  • Built-In and Supplemental Resources
  • Training Opportunities
  • Building A Culture Around Accessibility

Assessing Students Remotely

Strategies and alternatives for remote test and exams

  • General strategies for online test and exams
  • Alternatives to test and exams

Conducting Design and Lab Courses Remotely

Suggestions for design and lab courses brought online

  • Course content and students will likely need to be adapted for the remote environment. 
  • Suggestions on Content Delivery, Interaction, Learning Activities, and Assessments.

Preparation for Remote Teaching

Teaching during the pandemic will need to have an online component...


Overview of how faculty can prepare for teaching remotely during the pandemic.


Presentation Strategies

Effective Presentation Strategies

  • Improve your presentation skills
  • Structure your narrative appropriately
  • Design with professional polish
  • Create narrated slideshows for practice
Other Office

Student Disability Services

Guidelines for Teaching Students with Disabilities

  • Guidelines for instructors
  • Procedures and polices for students and faculty regarding disabilities
  • Services for students with disabilities

Student Engagement And Community-Building Online

Strategies for engaging students online

  • Planning an Engaged Remote Classroom
  • Student Input and Feedback
  • Asynchronous Engagement Strategies
  • Active Learning During Class
  • Building in Reflective Discussion

Student Policies: Graduate Students

Graduate Student & Postdoctoral Fellow Policies


A link to the JHU web pages pertaining to Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Fellow policies and procedures for academic integrity and research misconduct. 


Student Policies: Undergraduates

Undergraduate Student Policies and Procedures


A link to the JHU web pages containing policies and procedures for undergraduates in the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering.


Submitting an IRB

A Guide to the Application Process


This document provides an overview of the Homewood Institutional Review Board (HIRB) application process for an educational research study. 

Surveying your Students

Obtain useful information from your students to anticipate issues before they happen

  • Best practice for what to include in your survey
  • Example survey questions
  • Review example template to be repurposed

Teaching Remotely

Options for Teaching during Campus Closures

  • How to maintain your teaching obligation during campus closure
  • Strategies to consider for teaching if you must miss a class
  • Who to contact for help

Universal Design for Learning

Consideration of the needs of all learners

Universal Instructional Design is not just about accessibility for persons with a disability, but considers the needs of all learners.


Visual Resources

Image Discovery and Use

  • Links to image collections 
  • Guides on how to use images in your teaching
  • Links to copyright resources