Faculty Spotlight


As an extension to our E-news posts, we are providing a platform for faculty to express their approach to teaching in their own words. Each of the links below will take you to the E-news article where the faculty was interviewed.

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April 2016 - E-news post

Alison Papadakis

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

February 2016 - E-news post

Anindya Roy

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

April 2015 - E-news post

Robert Allen

Undergraduate Program Director of the Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design (CBID)

February 2015 - E-news post

Stewart Hendry

Department of Neuroscience, School of Medicine

November 2014 - E-news post

Yair Amir

Computer Science, Whiting School of Engineering

April 2014 - E-news post

Alexios Monopolis

Earth & Planetary Sciences, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences

February 2014 - E-news post

Loreto Sanchez

Department of German and Romance Languages, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

November 2013 - E-news post

Eileen Haase

Department of Biomedical Engineering, Whiting School of Engineering

February 2013 - E-news post

David Neufeld

Department of Physics and Astronomy, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences

December 2012 - E-news post

Judy Mitrani-Reiser

Dept. of Civil Engineering, Whiting School of Engineering

September 2012 - E-news post

Michael Harrower

Department of Near Eastern Studies

April 2012 - E-news post

Greg Hager

Department of Computer Science, Whiting School of Engineering

February 2012 - E-news post

Jason Eisner

Department of Computer Science, Whiting School of Engineering

November 2011 - E-news post

Mieka Smart

Public Health Studies, School of Arts & Sciences

September 2011 - E-news post

Emily Fisher

Department of Biology, School of Arts & Sciences

May 2011 - E-news post

Stan Becker

Department Of Population, Family, and Reproductive Health, School of Public Health

February 2011 - E-news post

Stefanie DeLuca


April 2010 - E-news post

Bruce Barnett

Physics and Astronomy

February 2010 - E-news post

Kyle McCarter

Near Eastern Studies

November 2009 - E-news post

Richard Shingles


November 2009 - E-news post

Steven David

Political Science

September 2009 - E-news post

Linda Gorman

Psychological and Brain Sciences

April 2009 - E-news post

Michael Falk

Materials Science & Engineering

February 2009 - E-news post

Mark Blythe

Political Science

December 2008 - E-news post

Stephen Plank


October 2008 - E-news post

Elizabeth Rodini

Museums and Society

August 2008 - E-news post

Chris Falzone