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Panopto is a service that enables easy audio/video/screen capture, streaming, and sharing. While traditionally categorized as a lecture capture service, Panopto can do much more. Panopto simplifies the complex task of recording lectures and presenting pre-recorded lecture information. Before Panopto (and similar current competitors), recording lectures required a hodgepodge of cameras, microphones, and screen capture software as well as many hours of post processing. Panopto, on the other hand, will run on any Windows or Mac computer and can record anything the computer can “see”: screen shots; presentation slides (PowerPoint, Keynote); and video and audio sources. It packages all of these elements automatically and presents them in an easy to view format.

Panopto is important for several reasons. Lectures are often dense and packed with complex information. It is not always possible to stop the lecture, repeat sections, or review. By capturing the lecture, students can review specific segments at their own pace after class. Panopto makes it easy to jump to a specific point in the recording and play that segment as many times as needed. Panopto also easily pre-records entire lectures or modules. This is useful in the context of online courses, flipped courses, or when the faculty member must miss a class. A common concern among faculty when students request lecture recordings is that students will stop coming to class. Though this is always a possibility, our experience is that using Panopto does not negatively affect attendance, and often increases student satisfaction with lectures.

Panopto can be used in several ways:

  • Lecture Capture Panopto can capture audio, video, slides, or screen activity. It can also capture just audio, just video, etc.
  • Pre-Recorded Lectures/Flipping Pre-recorded lectures for teaching remotely, flipping, conferences, and more
  • Existing Audio/Video Files Panopto can be used to host and stream existing audio or video files. This alleviates storage and format issues.

To get started with Panopto, consider what you would like to capture and who you would like to see it. Panopto is integrated with Blackboard, which makes it easy to restrict viewing to the students in a particular class.

Capturing a lecture or otherwise creating a recording requires the Panopto recorder software. This software application is small and simple, and it runs on Windows and Mac. A Panopto account is also required.

After creating an account, access the Johns Hopkins Panopto website: Once you have an account or have integrated Panopto with Blackboard, you can log in, download the recorder software, and begin capturing. After capturing, the recording is uploaded to our hosted account and processed by the Panopto server. Upon completion of processing, you will be notified by email. At that point, you can set permissions to determine who can view and distribute the link.

Many of these steps can be automated. Our Panopto license allows for an unlimited number of recorders and an unlimited number of recordings. It is no longer necessary to find a server with enough space for video files, format the video correctly for all viewers, or worry about network bandwidth. You can focus on recording and capturing what will best serve your students, and leave the rest to Panopto.

If you want to integrate Panopto with Blackboard, contact Brian Cole:

For assistance with Panopto in the classroom, contact KIT-CATS (AS/EN Full Time) at 6-6699.

If you or your students are having trouble with a "login loop" (You login to Blackboard and Panopto asks you to login again, over and over):
First, try a different browser. Often Firefox can solve this issue.
If that doesn't work, try enabling 3rd party cookies in your browser. Instructions from Panopto.

Because Panopto is a hosted service, the vendor’s main support site is the best place for up to date Training and Documentation: