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The CER maintains a small multimedia lab with audio, video, and scanning workstations. We also provide audio, video, and computer equipment for checkout. This equipment is available for KSAS/WSE faculty for instruction related projects. To ensure availability, technical support, and training, faculty must reserve equipment and lab space by using our reservation system, which requires a JHED ID. There are no pre-set time limits for equipment, but each request will have to be approved before it is final. There are detailed instructions on the reservation site, but keep the following in mind:

  • When a request is first submitted, it is pending. The request must be approved before it is final.
  • You will receive two emails - one when you initiate the request and one when it is approved or denied.
  • Although there are no pre-set time limits, unreasonable requests will be rejected. These are shared resources.
  • The Multimedia Lab computers are available from 9-5 weekdays unless other arrangements are made.
The following are some of the resources available for reserving:
Audio recorders Clicker cases
Desktop time in lab Laptop cart for class
Laptops Microphones
Presenter remotes Projectors
Portable speakers Still cameras
Tablet computers Video cameras
Webcams Writing devices


If you have any questions or problems, please contact

After reading the following guidelines you may access the reservation system by clicking on the link below.


CER Faculty Multimedia Lab/Equipment Guidelines

  • The lab is intended for use by Krieger School of Arts and Sciences Faculty. Other use must be on behalf of a faculty member or related to a CER sponsored project.
  • All time in the lab must be recorded on the reservation system.
  • Reservations should be made whenever possible. Walk-In use of non-reserved equipment is possible but not guaranteed. Such use must be recorded in the reservation system.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for your reservation it will be cancelled.
  • The equipment in the lab cannot be used for any illegal activities. Use of the resources in the lab is subject to JHU computing policies.
  • Use of the equipment in the lab must respect intellectual property laws. Duplication of copyrighted material is prohibited unless it complies with fair use. CER staff can advise on fair use issues, but the determination of copyright compliance is ultimately the responsibility of the faculty member using the equipment.
  • Hard drive-based storage in the lab is provided on a temporary basis. The hard drives in the lab are not backed up and should not be used for long term storage. Be aware that file storage on lab hard drives is shared by multiple users.
  • The CER is not responsible for the loss of data due to hardware failure, software issues, maintenance, or use by others. The Center takes precautions to minimize these problems; however, data loss can occur. It is recommended that users save their data on a flash drive, optical drive (CD/DVD), or using cloud storage.
  • Please consult a CER staff member when problems occur in the lab.
  • Do not install software on lab machines without consulting with a CER staff member.
  • No eating, drinking, smoking, or chewing tobacco permitted.
  • Please do not display images, sounds, or messages that could create an atmosphere of discomfort or harassment to others in the lab.
  • When listening to audio, please use headphones to avoid disturbing others.


Click to launch the Reservation System

(JHED Required)