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Summarizes some of the resources available to Homewood faculty. The most current appears first. You may use the filter below to search for keywords within the summary or the body text of the posts.

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February 2018

(Technology Fellowship Grants, Johns Hopkins Teaching Academy, Blackboard Updates, Data Services News, Library Workshops, Classroom Technology Updates, myJLab, Community-based Learning Workshops, )

August 2017

(Lunch and Learn, Blackboard Mobile, 2017 TA Training, Teaching Academy News, Sheridan Libraries New Website, JHU Data Management Services, Artstor Update and VRC Services, Classroom Technology Notes, Hopkins Research Network)

February 2017

(Faculty Exchanges, 2017 TF Grants, Teaching Academy Events, Panopto Quizzes, Research Methods, JHU Data Mgmt, Win 10 Classrooms/Zoom, Enterprise Skype)

August 2016

(New Lunch & Learn, Teaching Academy Update, TA Training, No More Analog Classrooms, Visual Resources Collection, Outdoor WiFi, Research Assignments, Classroom Exchanges)

April 2016

(TF Showcase, Teaching Academy Events, Faculty Spotlight-Papadakis, Assigned Readings, BB Updates, Revamped Classrooms, Data Management Services, Video Collaboration)

February 2016

(TF Grants, Faculty Spotlight-Roy, GSI Symposium 4, Reveal Tool, Teaching w/Data, JHBox, Community Based Learning, Classroom Tech)

November 2015

(Lunch & Learn, GSI Symposium, PFFTA Grads, Memrise App, BB/Qwickly, Class Tech Survey, SciVal/Grant Forward)

August 2015

(Teaching Academy, Inquiry-Based Projects, Blackboard Fall '15, HORNET, Starfish Interim Reports, Classroom Tech, 101 Innovations Survey)

April 2015

(Undergrad Research, 2015 Summer Teaching, 2015 PFFTA, Faculty Spotlight - Allen, Flipping Tips, BB Grader App, High Speed Research, Gilman Updates, BorrowDirect Integrated)

February 2015

(NV Grants, TAR Fellowships, TF Grants, TILE, New BB Features, Faculty Spotlight - Hendry, Interim Reports in Starfish, Classroom Updates, Research Guides)

November 2014

(Faculty Mentors, Prezi, Faculty Spotlight - Amir, BB Section Merge, PFFTA Grads, Prep. Univ. Teaching Course, Classroom Updates, On-Site BorrowDirect, Lync)

September 2014

(Summer Teaching Institute, Faculty/TA Services, Creating A Syllabus, Classroom Tech, Blackboard Updates, JHBox, Starfish Interim Reports, BorrowDirect, Recycling Ramp Up)

April 2014

(Future Faculty Academy, Faculty Spotlight - Monopolis, Peer Learning, TF Showcase, Blackboard Grading Options, Library Information Services, Malone Hall)

February 2014

(January Symposia on Learning, Padlet, Faculty Spotlight - Sanchez, TF Grants Open, Panopto, Blackboard Updates, Outdoor WiFi, Research Clinics)

November 2013

(January Symposia on Learning, Innovative Instructor, Faculty Spotlight - Haase, Preparation for University Teaching, Classroom Tech News, Blackboard New Features, Eduroam WiFi, MSEL User Experience)

September 2013

(GSI Grants II, Preparing Future Faculty, Faculty Services, Flipping Your Class, Blackboard Fall Updates, Classroom Tech For Fall, Research Workshops, New Antivirus)

April 2013

(GSI Grants II, TF Showcase, End of Semester Crunch, Blackboard Major Updates, ARTstor Drops Java, Faculty Input on Classroom Tech, Email Migrations)

February 2013

(GSI Symposium II, Faculty Spotlight - Neufeld, Prevent Cheating, TF Grants Open, Blackboard Groups, Catalyst Articles, JHU Open Access, KIT-CATS AV Restructuring)

December 2012

(New Instructor Blog, GSI Symposium II, Faculty Spotlight - Mitrani-Reiser, Case Studies, TF Grants, Blackboard Service Packs, MSE Crunch Time, Dell Discounts)

September 2012

(Blackboard Updates, CER Services, Faculty Spotlight - Harrower, Innovative Assessment, MSE Updates: BLC, New Website, Classroom Tech Updates, Phoenix HPC)

April 2012

(Humanities/Soc Sci Grants, TF Showcase, BB User Group, Ares Reserves, Student Videos, Faculty Spotlight - Hager, Internet2, Classroom Support, BLC Opening, JHUMobile)

February 2012

(Gateway Sciences Highlights, TF Grants, Rubrics, Blackboard Updates, Faculty Spotlight - Eisner, Tech Classrooms/Store, MSE Workshops, Student Portal)

November 2011

(Gateway Sciences Symposium, TF Grants, Blackboard Paste From Word, Turnitin Expanded, Mobiles In Class, Academic Tech Facilities, Faculty Spotlight - Smart, MSE Blogs Anniv.)

September 2011

(Gateway Sciences Grant, Blackboard Updates, ArcGIS Desktop, Free Mathematica, Faculty Spotlight - Fisher, FA11 Bits & Bytes, MSEL Research Workshops, Innovative Instructors)

May 2011

(2011 Tech Fellows Showcase, Blackboard-ISIS Grade Import, Faculty Spotlight - Becker, Student Virtual Desktops, Catalyst Library Catalog, Geospatial Classroom, Innovative Instructors)

February 2011

(Collaboration Software Pilot, 2011-12 Tech Fellows Grants Open, Spring 2011 Bits & Bytes Workshops, Faculty Spotlight - DeLuca, Blackboard Updates, Sheet Music Collection)

October 2010

(Blackboard Migration Update, BB Calculated Grades, Grad Prep. Teaching Course, Tech Fellows Grants, iPad/iPhone Classroom Control, JH Tech Store Open, RSS for Research, CER Grant Help)

August 2010

(Blackboard Migration Update, Blackboard Blog Feature, 5G JShare, Instructional Video Streaming, Hopkins Tech Store, JScholarship, IT Recycling)

April 2010

(Blackboard Migration Update, Tech Fellows Showcase, Blackboard Grade Center, Faculty Spotlight - Barnett, Data Services, MSEL Online Newspapers, HW Classroom Tech, ISIS Bookstore Features, SAP Upgrade In May)

February 2010

(Blackboard 9 Pilot & Feature Preview, Seattle Civil Rights Seminar, Tech Fellows Grants, Faculty Spotlight - McCarter, iHopkins, Scholarly Metrics, Library Workshops)

November 2009

(CMS Migration, Innovative Instructor, Faculty Spotlight - David/Shingles, ISIS Photo Roster, Podcasting/Webcasting, Teaching Portfolios, Teaching With Images, Writing For Publication)

September 2009

(ISIS Class Email, Library Teaching Tools, Classroom Tech Upgrades, Faculty Spotlight - Gorman, New CMS, CER Services, TA Orientation)

April 2009

(TF Showcase, New CER Website, Faculty Spotlight - Falk, Virtual Software, Publishing Rights, E-Portfolio, Proxy Service, New JHConnect VPN)

February 2009

(Spring TF Grants, Course Mgmt. Demos, Faculty Spotlight - Blythe, Lib. Research Skills, Grant Help, RefWorks)

December 2008

(Managed Mac Service, TA Training, Adobe Connect, Upgraded JHSearch, Library Guides, On Demand Help, Faculty Spotlight - Plank)

October 2008

(New Course Management, Fall TF Grants, Sparky Awards, Faculty Spotlight - Rodini, Sharepoint, Portal Updates)

August 2008

(TA Training, Laptop Encryption, Faculty Spotlight - Falzone, Library GPS, CER Services, Mediasite, Library Toolbar, 3D Campus)

April 2008

(Cluster Computing, Tech Fellows Showcase, JScholarship Repository, Online Homework, Library Blog, CER Feedback)

February 2008

(Digital Music Collections, Webconferencing Trial, Citation Tracking, Shibboleth Authentication, 08-09 Tech Fellows Grants, GPS Classroom Grants)